NOTAMs Decoder

from the creator of the award-winning Takeoff Aviation Weather

Intelligently gathers all NOTAMs in your area, and sorts them according to risk and importance. NOTAMs are ordered and color-coded, with one tap access to the full report.

Translates NOTAMs from cryptic messages into usable, readable English, and even converts effective times into unambiguous language, like "in an hour".


  • Near your location
  • From a list of your favorite airports
  • Along a route (enter up to 5 airports on your path)
  • Near any airport

NOTAMs Decoder works hard to keep you up to date with potential hazards along your flight path. It's quick, it's easy, and it keeps you safe in the air.

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NOTAMs Decoder is a universal app and will work on your iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini.

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NOTE: Currently, NOTAMs Decoder only supports United States airports. We are actively working on International support.
DISCLAIMER: This app is informational in nature and is designed to assist pilots and aircrews for flight planning and familiarization. Use of this app does not satisfy the requirements of 14 C.F.R. ยง 91.103 and is not a substitute for a NOTAM Briefing through a Flight Service Station or DUATS.